Electronic Party Planner

Stop in at Gourmet Liquors and use our electronic, touch screen party planner. Input your party information and this system can accurately formulate your liquor shopping list,
print it out and our staff will help you gather all your party necessities.

Cocktail Parties
• ½ bottle of wine/person for each 2-hour period. If your event begins before 5pm, or you are also
serving liquor or beer: ½ bottle of wine/person per 3-hour period.
• If guests will serve themselves, add 10% to your estimate.


Dinner Events
• Plan on 1.5 glasses per course per person.
• Each 750ml bottle will provide five 5-oz. servings.
• For each course multiply
[# of guests] x [1.5] / 5 = # of bottles you will need per course.

Cocktail Parties
• Less than 3 hours: 1.5 glasses per person.
• Over 3 hours: 2 glasses per person.
• Self-Service for guests.
• Offer a red, white and sparkling (if appropriate) for guests.


Dinner Events
For larger gatherings, rent glassware from a local party rentals shop. Arrange each place setting
with separate red and white wine glasses, plus a water glass. For fine wine tastings, there is
varietal-specific glassware available that will enhance each wine's specific character. Riedel is
an excellent choice.

Cocktail Parties
• Events before 5pm (or for outdoor events in warm weather): 70% white wine, 30% red wine.
• Events after 5pm:
40% white wine, 60% red wine.


White Wine Choices
• In general, Chardonnay is extremely popular, and also very versatile. Sparkling wines are also a
terrific, food-friendly option.
• On a warm day, you may also choose to serve a crisp, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. If you are serving
spicy foods, Riesling is a perfect pairing.
• Fruity desserts and sweet appetizers pair wonderfully with white dessert wines such as icewines or
Auslese/Beerenauslese Riesling.


Red Wine Choices
• Pinot Noir is very versatile and an excellent red wine choice for warmer weather.
• Merlot is a popular crowd pleaser because of its chocolate flavors and soft finish.
• Zinfandel offers jammy fruit flavors that pair well with grilled foods.
• Full-bodied wines like Meritage Red, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are recommended for pairing
with beef, lamb, and other hearty main courses. Choose a port or port-style wine for after-dinner with
strong cheeses or dark chocolate desserts.